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Red Pill Gems

Sometimes, Gems are found in the comments section of a thread, rather than from the original post itself.

I have a list of these saved, some from years ago, others from yesterday.

These are some of those Gems:

"Instagram model" = whore. Literally. - Whisper

"TRP isn't about ANYTHING. TRP is a toolbox that you use to achieve your goals. Your goal is the "what is this about". And no two men will have the same goal, nor the same route to getting there. So if your goal is to train a woman to please you, you use the tools within TRP that are suitable to that goal and ignore the rest. There is no underlying philosophy to TRP other than "apply the scientific method to methodically figure out what works" and "don't let people trick you into thinking that their goals are yours". - HumanSockPuppet

"No one here will Ever be a Socrates. TheRedPill isn't your identity Clubhouse, we aren't your brothers, and if you died tomorrow, no one here would give a shit. There, problem solved" - Rian_Stone

Women don't want to be saved. Strippers strip for money, suicide girls want to kill themselves and not remain alive, and girls getting pumped and dumped by Chads are never marriage material because they make a poor decision with men and you make a poor decision by picking women who have poor decision making relative to their own gender. -Ozaku7

"TRP is not a road map to get you from point A to point B, it is a course in navigation. Because not all journeys go to the same destination, and if you're too lazy to navigate, you're too lazy to hike.When you say "Tell me specifically what to do.", you are asking to be led. You are asking how to get what you want without changing who you are. You are asking how to emerge from your cave, get the girl, and then go back to playing World of Nerdcraft. In order to achieve what you want to achieve, you must become the sort of man who achieves it. There are many different sorts of man to choose from. But "exactly who I currently am" is not one of them." -CrazyHorseInvincible

"Yes we do. Men are inherently lazy and will only do enough to live comfortably and fuck women, this is known and posted often. This is why game takes effort, and PUA is ultimately window dressing, or pretending to be a man." - RedForEductation.

There's more than one structure to navigate. In fact, there is almost infinite structures to navigate. Situational Alpha is the modern Alpha. Focus on the alpha behaviours, create your own structure, reap the rewards. Society is the best it's ever been… let the rabble punch each other out, you'll be too busy enjoying the decline to care." - Rian_Stone

"Women no longer rely on men for financial support (it's mandated through taxation and child support, "for the sake of the children"), online communication can't be stopped (eg Tinder), birth control is effective, the required number of children per woman for population maintenance is 2.1 rather than 5+, women make up >50% of the population and have the vote, men care more about women than men, women care more about women than men. None of these things are about to change. Combine these and the drivers for enforced monogamy just don't exist and can't be made to exist. On the up side: you can fuck multiple women and don't have to do anything for them." - MattyAnon

"Can you fuck and can you fight. That's what makes a man. Everything else has been automated, or girls can do it about as well anyways. Its all we got now." - Rian_Stone

Young middle class men are at the bottom of a society's totem pole. We pay the most into a society and get the least out if it. Do welfare queens care that they're destabilizing the system? Did bankers care in 2008 when they asked for huge taxpayer bailouts. Did bush care when he undermined the international standing of the US with his invasion of Iraq? No. Everyone is doing what's best for them except for idealistic boys like yourself. Pleasing others to please yourself is beta male pathology, and we just don't subscribe to the slave morality drilled into your skull at public school." - GayLubeOil

"Women get support, men get blame. As men we can expect zero support from a society that is ready to point the finger and blame us in an instant, while absolving women even of significant crimes. More than ever before: live your own life for yourself, you owe the world nothing because the world does nothing for you." - MattyAnon

Sure I'll chime in. Feminism is a child of liberalism. The same process that liberated laypeople from Aristocracy, slaves from their masters, seeks to liberate women from their husbands and soon children from their parents. Liberalism liberates people from traditional structures so that they can be replaced with monetized versions. The more people are ground into a uniform mass free of distinction the easier it is to control and monetize them." - GayLubeOil

"You get to define your goals and direction of what it means to "be successful". A TRP truism has always stuck with me. Straight from the vanguard….TRP is a toolbox. Nothing more. It takes a man to make a plan, then decide what tools to use to build. Without a plan, the best toolbox is useless." - FeralRed

"The traditions are all gone now, cupcake. All traditions existed to limit or bound human behavior for the greater good. Now everyone gets to do whatever the hell they want. People find meaning anywhere. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Unless you want to make a theological argument, in the end none of it matters." - TheRedPike

"MGTOW. Not the sour grapes version, where you're so hopeless as a human you can't get a woman even if you have a chloroform rag and a rape van, The version where you truly realize that you are the prize, that women and sex truly are lagging indicators of success. They're chocolaty treats the restaurant trots out to the big spenders after they've dropped hundreds. I have no higher branches in my vicinitiy. I have a tree service to take care of that. Women chase me, not vice versa. I take an interest in you, you know that this is an audition to come play with the big boys for a while if you measure up.All is recorded. If you have to chase girls, be dependent on their whims, put up with their bullshit, fucking FEAR them then you've already lost. They have the power and the control. Because you have curled up into a little dickless ball and given it to them. You've given a grenade to a 5 year old with a god complex. WtF are you thinking? Thanks for making yet another crater that slows my morning commute. (Jk, only plebes commute - it's a metaphor.) Women only have as much power as we willingly hand over to them in a desperate pathetic hopeful sacrificial supplicative gambit to get some pussy. FUCK THAT. Pussy comes to me. Anything else and you're doing life wrong. Successful men get fucked. Without even asking. What are you doing in your life where that's not your reality?" - FeralRed

"NIGHT CLUBS are a SCAM. The clubs are designed to induce anxiety, and then sell you the solution to it: alcohol. What causes the anxiety? Loud music, crowds of people, darkness, weird lighting, lack of available seating, etc. etc. So, then they sell you overpriced drinks so you can "relax." They create the problem, then they sell you the solution. Many of the chicks are just dupes, selling their time for free drinks, but some are even ringers who get paid to go places and be seen to attract men. The club owners have photos taken of the hot chicks at their clubs, then use the photos to promote the clubs. Guys show up expecting to meet women that look like models. I could go on and on and on. Clubs exist only to make money for their owners, not facilitate successful romantic encounters. If they facilitated those encounters, their business would dry up, as everyone would be in functional relationship. - monsieurhire2

" How do you think strong wise men become great the first place? It's through difficulty and conflict. Conflict averse people don't grow. In fact that more risk averse they are the more stagnant they are. Women are the most risk averse and we all know about women here at the Red Pill. Where you fucked up is you showed weakness by deescalating when he escalated. Oh sorry, where you looking for honest advice or a mommy to make you feel better? You want me to be your mommy?" - GayLubeOil

"For people trying to be James Bond." Masculinity through emulation is beta male masculinity. Emulating movie masculinity is downloading Goldberg cultural programing. Congratulations you haven't actually taken the red pill. Better luck next time." -GayLubeOil

"Hopefully now you understand TRP advice isn't about the girl, it's about you. When I give advice like that, it's not like I'm trying to assess the girl and whether or not she'll cheat in the future. I'm assessing you - what does it mean for you if you accept back a girl that burned you? What does that do to your growth? TRP is here to challenge you, to help you take the pain up front, to the chin, now. So rather than defering your pain, you take it on the chin now - you go through the pain of breaking up now, and you begin the process now. My point is that even if she HAD been a good GF for a few months, even if she HAD not gone back to the exact same behavior… it STILL would have been a bad move to stay. Because what does it do to you to accept a girl back? It ing raines a cuck pattern in your mind, you get more practiced in rationalization and hamstering. This is why I don't try to tell these asktrp guys "she will cheat again". They won't believe it, they won't get it. I try to tell them "regardless of what she does, you will damage your own growth and personality if you take her back". It's not about what she does or doesn't do, you can't control that. This isn't to say we told you so or anything - it's more likely that now one day you'll be the guy trying to convince some dumbass or his friend or someone to not take back a ho. Or maybe you'll feel weak and want her back. But remember, it's never about what she will do. It's not about her - it's about you. You say "even though she really loved me" - maybe. Probably not, but sure, maybe. Does it matter? No, because the decision should never be about her, it should be about you." - Thotwrecker

"The problem with "TRP is about helping you actualize whatever life you want to live" is that when you are BP / low value / incel / beta / etc, you want retarded things. You don't know what you want, you just want avoidance of pain…" - Thotwrecker

"Being able to break it off is what most have trouble with, but keeping her shut out while you move forward with new women is a 'stage 2' where most guys fuck it up, because the new waahmiinnzz that you have acquired will make your ex go kookoo for cocoa puffs. She will do ANYTHING to get you back Into her vagina to fuck up your new relationship just to salvage her ego. If you fall for it, you lose. She'll try to ghost you afterward as she feeds on the drama of your new sexual interest(s) nexting you and flipping out altogether, which in her hamster-wheel mind, is enough to convince herself that she got the last word, left you, and made the right decision slotting you as a beta cuck single mommy product, just so she can eliminate the reality that she got dumped for being a ho-gash in the first place." - Dmva100

"Guy asking if this is alpha or if that's beta," Stop looking for an authority to tell you how you think is ok. You could have used your own two eyes. - Rian_Stone

"You have nothing to gain from her. She has a lot to gain from You (your SMV, social value etc) . Never forget that. You already have lots of girls and a good social life . In the end , forming relationships and becoming buddies is all just a transaction to most womeN ." - Nonthaki

"If there is one fundamental truth here, it's that: Women are transactional. It's hard to explain, and requires specific situations to observe. But you will witness this fact, and remember it. Women are transactional by nature-- they have very little to provide, they exaggerate its value, and then expect you to provide that exaggerated value in return. This is their entire life strategy: setting up a one-way benefit flow. But they won't forget "how much" you owe them. - Mojo_juju

"**The value of pussy. It isn't worth my dignity or self respect. It's only worth about $80. *I really wish I could've shown 18 year old me that truth.* Would have saved me a lot of time and headaches. - Chazthundergut

"You are lazy which is why you didn't even bother to read the stickied posts here and surely not a single word from the sidebar, but most importantly it's why you are fat. Change your diet and start lifting." -Vandaalen

"I serve my own desires and naught else. I do not want to fuck women because hypergamy commands it, I want to fuck them because my cock commands it." - 88Will88

"If a woman tells you she has a boyfriend, that means one of four things; 1 - She has a boyfriend and is not interested in you. She is telling you about the boyfriend so you will know she's not interested and leave her alone. 2 - She does not have a boyfriend but is not interested in you. She is telling you she has a boyfriend so you will know she's not interested and leave her alone. 3 - She has a boyfriend, but is interested in you. She is telling you about her boyfriend so you know to be discreet as you escalate, and so that when you end up fucking her, it was all your idea and all your fault because she told you she had a boyfriend. 4 - She doesn't have a boyfriend, and she's interested in you. She is telling you she has a boyfriend partly because it's instinctive anti-slut behavior to try to ward off guys hitting on her and partly to see how you handle it. Telling guys she has a boyfriend is a great way to weed out wieners who shouldn't get to fuck her anyway. The solution in all four situations is exactly the same. Shrug, tell her you aren't interested in hearing about her problems, and continue to escalate. If she's not interested in you, she'll give you a hard no, then you move on. Whether or not she actually has a boyfriend is completely irrelevant. - Archwinger

"Some girls justify cheating by "just" having sex with other guys. As long as it's "just" sex, without romance, kissing, etc., then she's not really cheating on her boyfriend. Because the thing that makes a boyfriend special is the romance. Sex can happen with anybody. So as long as she's only romantic with her boyfriend, he's special. He wins. She's not cheating. Right?" - Archwinger

"Sex is easy, and almost meaningless to women. Finding a guy willing to fuck them takes about 30 seconds. Relationships/romance are more valuable.So being romantic with a guy feels more like cheating than just fucking a guy. Because romance is what separates her boyfriend from any other guy. Any guy is a possible sexual partner, but her boyfriend is her romance partner. So if you follow that logic to its warped conclusion, as long as she has sex-only partners and no romantic partners, it's not reeeeealy cheating since she's honoring the unique parts of what she has with her boyfriend and only really treading on the lowly common sexual stuff she could do (and probably has done) with anybody." - Archwinger

"**A woman's biology is constantly seeking out the highest level male in the environment. *A man's value is dependent on context within the environment.* Once a woman's perception (normally subconscious) believes she has ensnared a high value male, her brain will release a flood of dopamine to let her know that she's being a good girl in mother nature's eyes. To be a high value man today, it's simply enough to lift and have frame."" - KetoGainsMongoose

"**The fact that you think your biggest mistake is breaking frame after the second time she cheated on you just goes to show how much work you have left to do on yourself. Man, fucking pathetic. Seriously. How are you going to look yourself in the eye in the bathroom mirror and degrade yourself like this- dating a cheating girl who's sucking off her "best guy friend" while you stain your pillows at night with tears before going to bed. Get a fucking grip, kid. Dump this bitch and put your dick away until you know what it's for and how to use it. Quit rewarding and reinforcing your pitiful behavior with sex you don't deserve. Monk mode until you're actually somewhat valuable to the gene pool. We've already got enough cucks floating around." - KetoGainsMongoose

"It's biological mating strategy. Basic Evolution Men=Spread their seed Woman=Select best mate for breeding. Put 100 men on an island with 1 woman, she can only be impregnated with one mans child. 9 months of pregnancy. Years of post natal care. Put 100 women on an island with 1 man, depending how much viagra is on hand, could impregnate them all in a couple days. This is why a man wanting to have sex with many women is inline with his biology. Whereas a woman wanting to have sex with many men goes against her selective nature(A Hoe) - KeffirLime

"Alpha is all an illusion. It doesn't matter who is actually tough, or powerful, or cunning, or can get shit done. For mating purposes, it just matters what a girl believes. If she thinks you're a badass, you might as well be. If she thinks you're famous, you might as well be. If she thinks you're cool, you might as well be. You look at him and see a wimpy junkie loser. But junkie loser girls look at him and see a fearless rule-breaker who they just know is gonna be rich and famous someday." - Whisper

"Keep it simple. Picture an end state, achieve that end state. You know if your decisions get you closer to it, or further away. Then you don't have to ask if you 'did good' Just like the old PUA days. It's not about getting 'that' woman, it's about getting 'more' women. the Stay plan is the same as the go plan. From my own bias, if you assume the relationship is over, and she is just a sparring partner for you to practice for next time, it will help remove any covert contracts you have. - Rian_Stone

"This shit society is rotting from the core and if there should ever be something better it will surely not rise out of that pile of horseshit. It has to die first. Completly. All humans possess free will and they choose their path their own. They shall live with the consequences that come with it as well. Not my fucking job to heal the world. Fuck the world. I have been to the gutter. I haven't only read about my expendability. I have experienced it and it held one simple realization for me: Society does not owe me shit, but I don't owe shit to society as well. I don't give a single fuck about other people or "the world" and especially not about "future generations". Let them deal with their problems, I deal with mine. I don't even give a fuck if there will be any future generations or if humanity dies out. Don't think anybody will notice. And when the shit hits the fan, I will climb a steep hill, light a fire, undress butt-naked and dance around it. - Vandaalen

"**I have always maintained that if you are a guy in a relationship you always need to have one foot holding the door open if you want to leave. You have to be ready to walk away. If you are afraid to lose her then you are the one who is submissive and you lack power. Worrying if a girl will leave you is ONEitis and shows a complete lack of abundance, putting the pussy on the pedestal and a lack of leadership/ frame." - 88Will88

"**You "communicate" this to your woman in two steps:

  1. Being so high value she should be worried to lose you.
  2. Showing her, through your actions, and with coherence, that you do not tolerate disrespect, and that your normal answer to disrespect is your calm but immediate removal of your involvement in the situation.

If a girl, at any point, disrespects you, it means you have already lost her. Because it means she believed that either:

  1. You won't act on disrespect, or
  2. If you do act, that you're worth losing anyway

If you're currently with a girl who disrespects you:

  1. accept that the LTR is eventually doomed.
  2. plan an exit strategy.
  3. practice withdrawing your attention/time/involvment with every disrespect, as practice for the next girl. - Auvergnat

"It's essential to communicate "I am an attractive man with other options and you're lucky that I stick around", in a way that women actually understand and believe (and that means communicating with actions not words)." - MattyAnon

Wish I had more, but looks like reddit deleted old saves.