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HOW TO GET LAID LIKE A WARLORD: 37 Rules of Approaching Model-Tier Girls[META] Reddit rolls out first ban wave of "Harassing Subreddits"Talking With Women - Always DARE, Never DEERMan gets his ex-GF to pay child support, and Reddit freaks out1000 migrants in Germany sexually assault, rob and rape women at one train station on New Year's eve. Feminists actively are trying to cover it up.Collected Advice and Methods for BeginnersThe Red Pill Cheat SheetThe most important part of game is not being emotionally investedThree ways to consciously manipulate women before they subconsciously manipulate you.I lost my marriage, my career, and my kidGetting ready to black-knight a high school girlTo those nervous about going to a gym: once you step foot in the door, nobody gives a fuck about you.Millionaire releases surveillance video of his ex-fiancee 'beating herself up' after she claimed he attacked herThis is ridiculously sad. A father tells his kids about their mother cheating on him and she threatens to kill him. In the eyes of two legal advice subreddits, he is an evil, manipulative jerk.How to really succeed at Tinder (not just another Tinder guide, this is a detailed Tinder roadmap)The main lessons I've learned after 3 years of implementing TRPYour time is your greatest asset. Be selective about how you spend it.My buddy's newfound success caused his (now ex) girlfriend to lose her mind.How To Talk To Everyone You See.Twitch streamer goes missing during a convention, but I bet you knew exactly where she was. Unfortunately, her own BF/husband can't say the same.Now I am become Chad, the destroyer of pussy.Bullet PointsSome of My Personal Life Lessons For Those Under 30Life is too short to be a chump. The 80/20 rule isn't a theory, it is law. Not every action yields an equal result. The key to personal success is finding the 20% of things that give you 80% of your results and to double down on those motherfuckers. Here is a guide.FR - My story - She is not who you think she is, 15 years to find this out (the hard way)AWALT Confirmed. Thanks Redpill, I owe you one.You Got a Stranger Pregnant: A Guide./r/theredpill is SUBREDDIT OF THE DAY!Feel good story - Jury awards man $8.4 million for false rape accusationI was asked to train a new female employee to do the promotion I got passed on.For all you newbies, this is for you.Red Pill Video Compilation Nuke: Required Viewing for AllQuick tips to Staying Lit: Non-Sidebar ReviewMen are not happyThere is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom.If you want to learn things fast as fuck and actually understand what you are learning I suggest ‘The Feynman Technique’. It was popularized by Richard Feynman a Noble Award-winning Quantum Physicist. Here is a quick guide.15 Things I've Learned Over the Last 53 YearsThe red pill are a bunch of bigots who can't get laid.Red Pill GemsCollege student Nikki Yovino, 19, sentenced to 3 years for falsely claiming sexual encounter was rapeAustralian trial finds POSITIVE bias towards women in employment, government stops trial...Saw TRP in Action at my Job; I Buy it NowThe Humiliation of Aziz AnsariVagina EnvyYou're not her top optionHonest Observations after 8 years in the gameCalling your wife/girlfriend fat, now officially domestic abuse in the UK. Punishable by 5 years in prison.Make her day.How To Be An Attractive Man - 4 Key TipsSeriously think about who’s writing the shit you read here. You need to learn to think/judge for yourselves.Nikola Tesla explains why he never married.I'm pregnant and you are the father.I'm Milo Yiannopoulos, AMA“All Women Are Whores”Technical conference cancelled after the blind review process selects only male speakersSo you’re a boring fuck: How to become interesting in 3 Easy Steps [Part 1]The 5 stages of becoming a redpill AlphaATTENTION: Visitors from CNNWoman marries millionaire husband after he insists on prenup, she cheats on him, gets divorced, gets the judge to throw out the prenup.An AWALT Classic - Girl breaks up with her bf for living too frugally only to find out he's actually loaded, a year later the story's changed to her breaking up with him for "lying by omission".Stuff has ChangedWoman drops boyfriend because he lives frugally. Later finds out that he's a heir to a fortune based on oil.Beware of Beta BaitHere's how to fuck one girl/week from swipe apps in 2018 with little time investmentAristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” To possess any desirable character trait, you must start acting and thinking as if you already have it. When your thoughts and actions align with your ideals, you will skyrocket your belief in yourself.Jordan Peterson just went full Red Pill on Joe Rogan Podcast (Talks about alfa fucks/beta bucks, sexual marketplace on college, incels, and other Red Pill theories)Still Wanna Get Married?Swedens Liberal Youth Party suggests men should be able to denounce fatherhood for as long as women can have an abortionMan wins right to sue rape-accuser for defamation after he was cleared of rape charges.Frame for Dummies. What it is and ways to build (and keep) it.Asia Argento, vocal Metoo activist and Harvey Weinstein accuser, paid $380,000 settlement in 2013 to underage actor she had sex withIf you weren't sure there's a war on men, check it out: "Hey, white guys: New Year's Resolutions" -MTVThe Golden Rule: How To Not Get Fucked In BusinessEfforts to ban TRP have surfaced once againFat girls to men is equivalent to what Beta males are to females.Dirty SheetsNo, Plastics Are Not Lowering Your Testosterone Levels - Real Science Explained InsideDomineering, Manipulative Female Coworker was Trying to Edge me Out by Flirting and Ingratiating with Boss. I Capitalized on Boss's Horniness to Get Rid of HerThe 13 Dont's of GamingStoicism 101: A Primer on How to BeTo the man shooting 3's in the gym todayBeta for 10 years --> awakens --> breaks habit and wrecks GF's (+ her daughter's) plans to continue using himI'm in fucking tears right now. A woman used the justice system to ruin my life.3 Words That Will Change Your LifeLetter at 50 to a younger selfThe Psychology of Approaching Groups Of Very Hot Women In Bars.Woman thinks her guy friend is being an 'asshole' because he's no longer doing nice things for her after she rejected him.Once you realize what interested women will do for you with little effort on your part, you'll realize what a waste of energy it is to even talk to women who don't show immediate and enthusiastic interest.James Damore sues Google, alleging intolerance of white male conservativesTaking care of your body is easy, you keep away from shitty foods and smash some deadlifts. How about your mind though? Here is a list of 8 things that you can start doing if you want to get smarter. It's about time you started taking care of your brain.The Sixteen Commandments Of PoonHow I accepted that I was using weed everyday as an escape from my own inner problems for 2 years now. And how I tackled my anxiety with meditation, exercise, and mindfulness.Today was the day that Reddit almost swallowed the pill. On the front page today: Guy finds out soon-to-be fiancee is cheating and sets up an elaborate proposal to dump her.Remember, you're good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!One of those days.Elon Musk is FuckedEquality Is a Bitch, Ain't It? - Army and Marine Corps Say It's Time Women Were Eligible for the Draft"Why Do Girls Dump Their Boyfriends?" An introduction to Generation-Z and whats to comeThe Red Pill Blueprint: a brainboy's journey to PussylandAfter the death of my child and girlfriend, improvement is all I've got left.Man tries to win his wife's love by giving her Teslas and expensive vacations. She returns the favor by - you guessed it - having an orgy with randos when he's gone.Amy Schumer admits to raping a guy, feminists support her, /r/askfeminists decide the guy raped her...Johnny Depp's now ex-wife Amber Heard was arrested for domestic violence in 2009Guide for weight lossThe Intelligent Alpha -- Male SMV and why "Dread Game" WorksI came here to learn how to handle women, but accidentally learned how to handle men.Join the Anti-Ban Petition and Show the Admin who Should Really Be Banned! /r/BanBanoutsToday I saw first hand how chicks use guys like an ATM'sFeminist journalist decides to lives as a man for 18 months, discovers that men’s lives are just as hard as women’sYou're not good enough, you're not smart enough, and people don't like you.The Guide to Accepting Yourself (even when women don't)[Career] You'd be surprised how simple it is to create value for someone out of something simple, and make a lot of money out of itGuy exposes a cabal of reddit SJWs and their ties to the admins of reddit and creates a watchdog sub. Then the shit hits the fan.Always remain calm. Nothing is worth your anger. (Divorce story)As soon as he sells his companies, his wife leaves and takes half the money.Fucking on the first tinder date.You can have the best year of your life: RP took me from a 24y/o virgin to fucking 12 girls within a yearThe Sexodus in action: millennials are having less sex.[X-post] "My BF broke up with me because I booked a week vacation with my EX in Amsterdam" or "How my BF held frame"How to hold frame (my complete guide)Remember the girl who dumped her boyfriend because he lacked "ambition" but was secretly loaded with cash, well here's the update from the same girl#1 Trending Video on YouTube today is titled "Alpha Males Do Not Exist"Quick-and-dirty tips and tricks for aspiring alphasShe doesn't want to be happySir Ian Mckellan on the sex scandal controversy: women sent directors nude photographs that said" DRR' — directors' rights respected. "- Offering sex in favour for roles..TIL just deleted a post about male victims of domestic abuseGuy is secretly loaded with cash but does not tell his gf, she leaves him then finds out from his friends that he has been hiding his wealth from her (hamestering ensues) Re-PostMarried man from r/DeadBedrooms gets fed up. Applies every single RP principle by the book, without even knowing about RP. Results are as predictable as you'd expect.I am Karen Straughan [girlwriteswhat]; Ask Me Anything.The women who denied you will come to resent you when you surpass them in the SMP.The Holy Trinity of Masculinity: Frame, Game, and LiftingThe Time I Ditched my Girlfriend in Europe: A Redpill tale from my Bluepill daysAmherst Student Expelled for Sexual Misconduct Can’t Defend Himself—It Would ‘Impose Psychological Trauma’ on AccuserConsider the bottom 80% - Your competition is patheticMust-read red pill contentCounterfeit Red PillsMattress Girl just made a porno...and called it performance art.Last Night I Got 3 Women Arrested For Groping And Assault.Unplugging. The reading list."The agony of being too beautiful to be faithful" - Yep. You read that right...Putting An End To The Black Pill.Holy Fuck men, always protect yourselfSwedish man acquitted of rape charges thanks to audio recording, woman sentenced for false accusationA male birth control trial was cancelled for being unsafe to men. Feminists beta-shame and find a way to make it all about themselves.A story for the Guy who ‘can’t believe she went back to her husband/boyfriend’.One Skill That Will Drastically Improve Your LifeThe Most Important Part Is Just Not Giving Up On YourselfIf she wants you, she won’t make it hard.100,000A Moment of Silence for our Brother Andrew Hansen. He contributed greatly to our community and will be missed.To the young man I saw at the gym last night:It's Frightening How Easily A Woman Can Cuck You...This better not have been any of youShe's not yours, it's just your turn. The glass is already broken.Girl Who Accused College Football Players of Rape Charged With LyingThere's a new gender gap that's building in America: women have surged ahead of men in obesity.How to be confidentPSA 2: Do not post shit about hitting women. EVER. One and only warning.Wanting Women to Love You for Who You Are is the Male Equivalent of Fat AcceptanceDon't bullshit yourselfGive them what they want... Biological male dominates women’s cycling event in historic firstI think I broke her...Get Stuff Done (26 Tips for School)Overthinking: The Beta Male Trait That Is Holding You BackHow I've Learned to "Shit Test" Women - A little test that I've developed.What did you ever do to deserve being called a man?I animated some RedPill side-bar content. Hypergamy, Shit-Tests, AWALT.The Power GameThe Only Real Reason for School ShootingsHow to get abundance: stop focusing on womenThe Three Rules.Don't fall into the trap of binary thinking, there is such a thing as a middle groundATTENTION: Visitors from VICERaising a glass to a fallen brotherTime's precious. How long do you think you've got? Not much at all. 3800 weeks / 900 months / 27000 days. And they're are gonna fly faster than you think.Don't do easy dopaminesIf you've Ever Wanted to See the Absolute Worst of a Woman, Just Refuse her sex.Emma Watson: Star SJW Linked to Panama Papers LeakThis is How You Should Escalate (most do it wrong!)Private Facebook group of women married to deployed soldiers is infiltrated, shit storm ensue.Young men who come here to create value in their lives, please stop smoking weed.Being A People-Pleaser: what it actually means, and how to rid yourself of this disgusting conditionPosture Fix is Changing how People See MeLiking Sex Doesn't Make A Woman A Slut; No Self Control Does.Your struggle and pain? Women neither understand nor give much of a fuck.All Red Pill Sidebar In One PDFBad things will always happen to you. Use adversity as motivation to succeed, not an excuse to self destructNEWSFLASH: 45% of white women with COLLEGE DEGREES voted for Trump.[Meta] SJWs are reportedly working with admins to develop a stricter "no harassment" policy at Reddit. We should have an action plan in place for when TRP is bannedHumanSockPuppet's Guide to Teasing BitchesThe 300lb invisible man.My fucking head hurts. This ain't fucking Cryptos20 and lost? Advice from an old guy.Trickle Down Media WhoreSerena Williams has a meltdown at the US Open - and the rest was expectedThings My Father Taught Me: Advice for guys raised by single momsThe best defense against oneitis is to learn how to love women. Appropriately.LTR: The Bare Minimum You Need to KnowNice guy over on the dating advice sub respects the shit out of his date and doesn't understand why she ends up grinding on another guy in the clubStruggling with building habits? Try this.It is literally 2017"Hi, Can I practice flirting with you for 10 minutes? I'm following this online guide on how to pick up chicks."The Red Pill AppYou are everything that's wrong with your lifeThe pre-fuck conversation is one big autism screening testMom Dropping A Red Pill BombStudy: the more women there are in a certain college discipline, the more politically correct it becomes.Man flees Canada after losing his kids and $1.2 million home, and being forced to pay $4000 a month to his wife. Is labeled a "deadbeat dad" by the media.Israeli feminists helped kill a bill that could charge women for rape of men because - get this - they're worried about false rape claims.She Said, "We're Not Going To Have Sex," Three Times. You Won't Believe What Happened Next.How to Flirt with Women: Flirting 101Man works himself to death for his family, still treated like a shit.You're not unlucky, You're just LazyA letter to the procrastinatorCorporateLand: How to Kill it in Your Job InterviewThe Red Pill now illegal in New Zealand.TearsInnocent men now can be ordered to inform police of sex they have 24 hours before it happens or face 5 years in jail (UK)Good news: no one gives a shit about you.How to beat Addictions (Gaming, Porn, Smoking) - The Story of a Man who turned his life aroundGirl is in a relationship with a wealthy alpha that maintains impeccable frame and doesn’t put up with her shit tests. She feels neglected and hurt (hamstering ensues)The ultimate proof you need on lifting - The 59 year old man I met at the gym.A whole bunch of brilliant posts that didn't make it to the sidebarAnother Poor Bastard Finds Out His Wife Was a Whore For Everyone But HimMaximize your appearance before trying to become the Gandalf of social skills.How to meet and bang a girlNever show weakness. She is not on your side.Turning her down18 Red Flags When It Comes to Dating FemalesYoung Men & The Empathy Gap - "Young male suicide rates have increased 50% since 1994."A List of Approach InvitationsSuccessful people aren't Demi-Gods with insane willpower and incredible productivity skills. They are normal people who understood the importance of the small seemingly insignificant daily disciplines. They understood how these disciplines leveraged with time could make them unstoppableUSA's Women's Olympic Hockey team loses to Boy's high school hockey teamsA Little Mistake That Cost My Best Friend 5 Years of His Life.Deleted Instagram; Banged Instagram ModelDon't be a slaveAlways save your text conversations, record conversationsThe Great List of Non-Negotiables.Drake University Expels Male Student Despite Female Admitting She Forced Him Into Sex ActWife had threesomes, lied to husband about it. He found out and handled it in the most RedPill way.If a woman doesn't date short guys, that's okay because that's a preference. But if a man doesn't date obese girls, he's shallow.Building Power – 200,000+ Subscribers, A New DirectionThe ultimate, low effort guide to fucking girls off online dating apps2 old sluts just sat next to me at the bar and started telling me I'm cute and flirting with me. They asked where my girlfriend was, when I said "I don't date" they started going off on me saying "I'm on the wrong road" and that "I just hit it and quit it" I saidFemale researcher gets Red-pilled while studying why 25% of men are now childless in Norway -- and it's steadily rising and mostly involuntary"I'd love to see her get plowed by a BBC"Reminder to keep your T in check: Buzzfeed numales take testosterone test, below normal levelsFriend goes on a large group trip overseas, watches as 90% of the girls cheat on their boyfriendsRed Pill Going Mainstream: I thought I was reading a Reddit Post on this Fox News column!Women are devoid of Character. You giving a fuck what a Woman thinks of you is like a hedgefund manager worrying what a hobo thinks of his investment portfolio. Its fucking laughable.Boy, girl swap explicit photos. Boy charged, girl not. Prosecutor requests boy be sexually assaulted for evidence.A lesbian feminist writer once disguised herself as a man for 18 months to write a book on gender. After the experiment, she was institutionalized for depression, and stated that she never felt so glad for being a woman.The Guardian: Swallowing the Red Pill: a journey to the heart of modern misogynyGermany taking a big step against CuckoldryWhy women love assholes (an alternate view)Manipulative, Entitled, Feminist DA threatens her Male Uber Driver - Gets FiredElon Musk ex-wife asked for over 1 billion dollars in divorce settlementsHow to know you are dating a slut. Source: I married one.If you want a friend get a dog. If you want loyalty get a dog. If you want a chick magnet get a dog. Just get a dog.Met a post-wall woman divorcing her husband she “loves”. Blew my mind validating Red PillYou will Lose - But you're not a loserWomen cannot handle rejection at allSometimes it isn't your lack of game but your lack of testosterone. If you have the test levels of a 80 year old cuck how do you expect to have any drive? Here is a science based guide to getting your T levels up naturally.Blue Pill example: Cuck co-worker begging to be bent over and get drilled for the rest of his life.TIL: Cesar Millan's wife (The Dog Whisperer) filed for divorce in March 2010. She ended up receiving a single payment of $400,000, monthly spousal payment of $23,000 (that's $276,000 a year), AND $120,000 a year in monthly child support. Cesar Millan then attempted suicide.You are not entitled to shit. She is not entitled to shit. One of these is reinforced by society.She's just your Girlfriend, she's not your Siamese twin. She's not your partner on a mission to Mars. She doesn't control your oxygen supply. (How to do a LTR.)Tips To Look After Your Husband - (Excerpts from a 1950's Home Economics text book)Sluts and the City: A Carousel Rider's RegretsIncels got banned. What does that mean for TRP?'If' by Rudyard Kipling is a poem every man should take very seriouslyFeminist love throwing around privilege, yet they are the most privileged class in modern history in the WestStudy: Women prefer muscular, dominant, wealthy menWhat do YOU want?Being controlling is for losers!You only need to be 20% better than the average male.Red Pill Antibiotic Nuke, Come and FeedGuy bails on marital therapy, gets ripped, starts spending weeknights in New York City for new job, nails young Brazilian and surprise surprise...his marriage gets much much betterA Word On AMOGs/Guys Hitting On Your Girl4 Year LTR was there at my worst. Helped, nurtured, treated me like her king. She's being cheating all this fucking time.What I learned from Fucking My ONEitis.In South Carolina 13% to 16% of the jailed population are lower income father who cannot pay child support.The Life Story of Carol.Women are Children.You should know: You're being watched, and branded, for taking part in this subreddit.Notes from the book 'Deep Work' ( My fav on productivity). 1. Remove all distractions before commencing any deep work, hide in a cave if you must 2. Be consistent with your work 3. Don't Multi-task (it doesn't work) 4. It's not meant to be easy but do it anyway.Why you must believe AWALTScientific study show that male domestic violence victims are more likely to be arrested, jailed, and not have the charges dropped than the person beating them#1 on the front page: The elephant in the room has been mentioned."When unattractive men have hit on me, I have honestly been insulted. It's sort of like having an amazing degree and work experience, and someone seriously asking you if you want a minimum wage job."Where is "Me too" for Feminists importing poor underage "boy toy" migrants in order to fuck them?5 things you can do to improve immediately.The fact that this sub has 250,000 subscribers is telling something about Western societyIt is Literally 2016What happens when you drop a bunch of women on an island to fend for themselves?When there is a hiccup in your RP journey"Sexual Assault" is Why I'm Endorsing Donald Trump for President of the United StatesWhat I Learned From Not Reading The RedPill for A YearThe culmination of the pro-women movements and their unabashed abandonment of logic and reason is that their narrative can now be publicly misandric and any critical opposition is simply ignored as they march forward. Everything leading up to this has created the Hollywood sex scandal fever.Welcome New Subscribers! The newcomers from Reddit's yearly "THE REDPILL WILL KILL YOU INSIDE" post are arriving."We are working on changes to make reddit a safer space for discourse."Man Fights Child Support Order For Infant Born To Wife He Hasn't Seen in 15 Years. After Thousands in Legal Fees, He Wins.Feminist subreddit made new defaultFriend's Fiancee Cheats on Him with CHRIS BROWN - An Unbelievable Case Study in HypergamyHow the Feminine Imperative is Destroying Reddit... on PurposeStop being a martyr and learn to be selfishPost-post-wall single women figure out that when they're old enough to have gray hair, men don't find them attractive anymore. Wow, who knew? Now they call it "gray-shaming" and pretend it's another way that "society" is being sexist to women.The Art of Whore: Why Betas Marry LeftoversGuy's girlfriend pushes him to open up the relationship. Guy decides he deserves better and dumps her. Girlfriend subsequently has a mental breakdown.OP's girlfriend of 4 years breaks up with him, sleeps with the local Chad, then asks if they can get back together. He considers it. This is your brain on BluePill.Today I ended my LTRYour Devotion is WorthlessReminder: Never discuss your feelingsThe Other Side is Better, but LonelierRejections makes you a Man.Obsessing over a slutty past is an indirect pedestal; Assume she's a slut, but don't obsessA member of Johnny Depp's inner circle says Amber Heard threatened to falsely accuse him before going publicDo you have a son? Don't ever send him to public school. Confessions of a conversvative history teacher.Marcus Aurelius said - “If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”Final Warning: Keep Your Damn Morals To YourselfAll Guns Are LoadedRealizing that nobody gives a shit about you should be the most liberating thing you think.Advice after 26 years with a borderlineWomen are taking on substantial more debt than men to get objectively useless degrees. Patriarchy is blamed.If You're Struggling With Women its for 1 Reason and 1 Reason Only. Here's How to Fix ThatYou Can Barely Make Yourself Dinner, And Yet You Deserve to Date 9's?TRP spilling out in TwoXIn 1991, I Was Accused of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in College—These Were My MistakesThe only oneitis in your life should be lifting.Top Quotes From RedPill Books I've ReadHypergamy 101 - Women See Men the Way Men See JobsWomen hardest hit. "Men won’t be able to deduct alimony from taxes...You would expect that the pro divorce lobby (nearly everyone) would be cheering... the problem is ex husbands are already being bled white. It has gotten so bad that the parasite is now expressing concern for the host." DalrockNever believed treating girls like shit makes them want you, until yesterday!FoundationsBecome Obsessed With Your GoalsFeel your emotions, don't express themThe Sixteen Commandments Of PoonTRP lessons from business: from ramen noodles to Forbes 30 under 30Don't allow people to disrespect you when you've made a mistake.Summary of How To Win Friends and Influence People. Great guide for a beginner who wants to improve their charm!What words mean:What nobody tells you about marriage, from a married manRespect is earnedYou should ghost women who have cheated on youBuckets StoryIs MeToo turning into NotYou at small companies?KayfabeThe cheaters scriptThis is the most Horrific Dead Bedrooms story, I read it a month ago, amazed it hasn't been posted here.How to Deal with Apathy, Depression, and Lack of MotivationThe Stranger Test -- Be more like a stranger to herGirls you orbit will say they care about you, but really only care about your attention.Women are as shitty as you let them be11 steps how to talk lessMy Omega to AF TRP year.The wreckage of Feminism is here and its hilarious.How to hold a conversation and be able to talk forever with anyone. Develop your million dollar mouthpiece with this one mindset shift.I went to a high-class escort and thought I'd share some details with you.An attractive woman's abundance mentalityScientific Research validates Hypergamic Instincts in Women. The Redpill verified by science.[TIME TRAVEL] "PARTNER COUNT DOESN'T MATTER" VS. MEDICAL REALITY; be careful where you stick your dick, gentlemen.Key points to hold your frame with girls and succeed.Go to Every Event You're Invited toThe value of standing up for your friends in the face of disrespect.My "lesbian" plateHow To Fuck Your Girl Rough"It Didn't Mean Anything!"A quick story about my uncle and why being successful doesn’t mean anything if you don’t hold frameUnderstand your womenA Stoic's Career and Life AdvicePersonality, Emotion & Higher SelfOh, The Feminist Jimmies This Will RustleHave Proof Before And After SexUse silence to your advantage.14,000 words worth of TRP wisdom - a compilation of every TRP quote I've compiled in the past 14 months.Norwegian "male feminist" gets raped by a refugee immigrant - then feels bad when the rapist is deported.Macron wants make wolf whistling and asking for women's numbers illegal under new plans to end 'macho' culture in FranceThe official "an incel murdered somebody" thread for onlookers, bystanders & media suit types (ignore this and publish a story saying we are just like them for that sweet adrev)Guide to Social Circle Game"Women rate the strongest men as the most attractive, study finds"My 3 step guide to an awesome first approach.Have some fucking standards and self respectFew basic readings Body LanguageBy far the most asked question on AskTRP: "Should I get back with my ex?". Why the answer should always be a resounding HELL NO.University Kangaroo Court Suspends 10 Innocent Football Players, Entire Team BoycottsAn introverts guide to becoming socialStick it out, be patient.Reddit CEO bans salary negotiations because women are poor negotiators.Woman Says Harry Potter Ride 'Fat-Shamed' Her Because She Couldn't FitKaren Straughan (Girlwriteswhat) succinctly discusses that men don't hate women, and defends TRP. Good read!Melania Trump, Red Pill WomanHillary’s Top Donor Just Bought The Onion — Started Publishing Propaganda ImmediatelyOP in the OKCupid sub rejects woman after finding out she's pregnant. Commenters tell him to man up and that "you are far, far too emotionally immature to date a single mom."Do it all for yourselfNot Having Women in Your Life May Make You Unhappy, but a Woman Will Never Bring You True Happiness.Girls just want to have funYou sound boring - Speak with emotion and confidenceGuy asks for advice because he thinks his pregnant girlfriend cheated on him and the baby isn't his. Gets told he's being a paranoid asshole. This is the update."Big Dick Energy" - Female's own theory that confirms RP truthsTips for a First (or any) Date that will get You Laid [Long Post]12 Irresistible Bad Boy Traits Women CraveHow to Smell Amazing: A Man's Guide to Buying and Wearing CologneHow To Develop God Tier Eye Contact | The real reason why you can't maintain strong eye contact with a woman.Stop focussing on getting laid, start focussing on everything else that will result in getting you laid.Get comfortable with being uncomfortableBreaking down bitchy behaviorPussy is a Commodity.Race, Globalism, Conspiracy Theories, and TRPThe documentary that made Scandinavians cut all funds to its gender studies instituteThanks to that EMSK post, The Red Pill has experienced its second biggest membership spike ever and is now a trending subreddit.The SERIOUS Importance of Vitamin D (trust me, read details within)So you’re a boring fuck: How to become interesting in 3 Easy Steps [Part 2]Distrust that Particular FlavourLittle piece of advice if a girl isn't interestedI Animated A Red Pill Top All Time Post - How To Get Laid Like A WarlordTwoX has their daily circlejerk about how medicine is misogynist. Motherfucking CARDIOLOGIST shows up to disprove them - gets downvoted and called a shitlord.Indecisiveness in WomenRape accusers sue University of Tennessee for giving the accused student due processChristiano ronaldoAttraction, Arousal, Agitation, Anxiety: ALL good things! Also, why you get punched in the arm and called an assholeWomen just want to be GIRLS.Voting for a women based on her gender isn't "feminist."A 7 step guide to swallowing the pillGet rich slow with the miracle of compound interest.How To Approach Women With ConfidenceTo those who are getting over an ex or oneitis that dumped them - Stop being a Bitch50% of 'misogynistic' Twitter abuse is committed by... WomenA conversation with my sonTHE BEST OF RATIONAL MALE – YEARS ONE/TWO/THREE (If you haven't read this yet, do it now.)"You know, maybe we should stop seeing each other. I have another guy that has been asking me out, maybe I should let him." I agree. The tears fall and I get a clean house and home cooked meal in the interim.Be sure to make best friends with Chad Thundercock. It's eye-opening.I don't want to treat women like children but it works too well.29 year old woman wants her fiancee to understand she has too much self respect to perform certain sex acts AFTER he finds pictures of her doing these sex acts with her college boyfriend.Thank you, for absolutely everything.Women serve two primary purposes in a man's life: 1. Sex, 2. Companionship. How to acquire both in the most cost-effective way.Post Election - remember the 38th Law of PowerPorn star Bree Olson hits the wall, cries that nobody respects her or wants her anymore.Finally took a chance, and I'm high off of the results.A Billy-Beta acquaintance has *zero* clue his fiancee is about to leave him. Guess the reasons.Lesson learned: If a woman asks how much you make, break it off ASAP.15 Books You Need To ReadI snooped at her messaging, and I'm know a better man thanks to it.They are starting to see it too: 30 Is the New 50: "Old Age" is Killing My Dating Life (Most of my 30-something guy friends are dating girls fresh out of college)Techniques from How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships by Leil LowndesHeight-related Red Pills from a Short ManI never got around to thanking you guysThe Great Banning of 2017A Beginners Guide: Being a Red-Pill MaleThe Direction of The Red Pill and a Welcome Message to NewcomersWe Don't Hate Sluts; We Just Recognize Their Low ValueGuy Turns 6 Figure Down Job at Google for Girlfriend, She Dumps Him AnywayMillionaire spends his life donating to charity and helping his wife battle cancer. She beats it and divorces him because he's spent all his money.Screw Motivation, You need Discipline!What happens when women are given absolute power? Find out in the ancient Greek comedy “Assemblywomen”Stop torturing yourself, just fuck her or don't.Farewell BSA: The Death of a Great Male SpaceBe the Man You Want To Be. Let the Pieces Fall Where They May."Thai porn star, who married elderly American millionaire after turning to Buddhism, gets a divorce and plans boob job to make a career comeback."“The Red Piller’s Guide to Online Dating”A Somewhat Comprehensive List of Hobbies and ActivitiesMassive outrage after wife files for divorce in UK on "cheating partner" the MAN gets paid £2MILLION from court order!Remind yourself during the date you have nothing to lose. Try, try, try and see what happens.The paradoxical state of the redpill. Newbies must read.Instant grat and Delayed grat activities, how they can change your life.For the sake of this sub's future and yours, do NOT post unless you are sexually successfulDominance ManifestoRed Pill Primer - Sidebar Made SimpleThe Core of Alpha - 9 Keys To Ultimate Self ImprovementEnough About Women. Let's talks money... the TRP way. If you have alternative revenue streams, are in an unconventional occupation, or live an unconventional life style... SHARE IT! [Discussion]A man must be less prone to being lonelyArticle: Man loses custody battle for kids living with sex offender.SJW reaction to an anti-PC event co-hosted by Milo Yiannopoulos at my universityGo spent some time with your family. Get off the internet"What are we?" A very brief field reportHead-swiveling, prolonged stares, and commenting/liking/PMing women's social media is a demonstration of low value and fucks up the SMP.On AttractionDo not let her waste your time. Use your power to walk away.Swallowing the Red Pill[Mod] Make the community worth a fuck by not acting like a cunt.Long-Term Relationship Game Theory: A Beginner's Guide to Managing Your BitchesIf your SMV is low, EG: you're fat, poor, unpopular or whatever then forget women/socialising/doing pointless shit for a good year 6 months to a year - just be utterly selfish forget everyone else and go do your own thing.Disney Has Been Poisoning Men And Women For DecadesIrrational ConfidenceThe Cycle Of Female Inclusivity (Courtesy Of MGTOW Reddit)If You Don't Like Her Past Then LeaveStop caring about her. Start caring about yourself.#YesAllCats is taking off on Twitter. Shitstorm ImminentField Report: Fucking my former oneitis and what it made me realizePro Divorce (X-Post ProRevenge)"but... come on guys, shape up! YOU have to save Europe." Former Swedish feminist now demands men save Sweden from the ravages caused by the philosophy she's only recently disavowed.The kidnapping of 186 teenage boys in Syria on 30 May has gone largely unreported in the wider world, a curious omission given the outcry over the teenage girls in Nigeria.“Stages of Manipulation”; an excerpt from the book “Practical Female Psychology”How to Defend Yourself Like Trump: 11 Pro StrategiesMy Single Favorite Nightclub Story: Fiancee and the Rich Arab.Dont let those bitches touch my jacketThe Essence of StoicismWomen will never solve your problemsMoney doesn't get you happiness, but it sure buys things that do.So it begins- our society will no longer be covert about it. Women will rape and steal from you, this is your place in society. This is acceptable. Arizona statutory rape victim forced to pay child supportFocus on you first. And second. And third. And...blah blah...Worry about women seventh."Partner Count Doesn't Matter" vs. Medical Reality/r/TheRedPill enters TOP 400 subredditsWhile you are talking to her, she is observing youThe Indefinite QuantityThe Red Pill RightHey Guys I Just Wanna Get GirlzAnti-Rape Program Teaching Women how to say "no" Halves Number of Campus AssaultsRed Pill Science: UCLA researchers compile evidence women's dualistic mating strategy"She's Probably Out Getting Fucked"You Are Poisoning Your Mind Every DayRefusing the "Gift"Massive censorship on reddit of discussion relating to migrant gang rapes with clear implications for red pill.Why do we lift?Men are not scared of women. Men are scared of the state.Dick HealthThe Critical Importance of Approaching Attractive Women in Real LifeUncle Vasya’s Guide to Outcome Independence or Welcome to Level 99 DGAFCollege girl goes to Trump protest to "collect 100 Nazi scalps", gets masculinity-enriched, falsely claims concussion, then sets up GoFundMe asking for $80K because reasons.Holding frame means EVERYWHEREOn Abundance Mentality and Being AloneReddit's new 'Trust and Safety Team' just quarantined the r / european subredditDo not talk about negative shit.I am a wealthy man who got divorced. I managed to avoid divorce rape. This is my story."Don't Be Afraid to Dominate"Woman Used Sperm From Oral Sex To Get Pregnant, Gets Child SupportThe most unattractive trait of all: trying to attract a womanStudy finds women — including feminists — are more attracted to ‘benevolently sexist’ menHave a Kanye Attitude about Your Race"There is nothing I can say to you that will magically make you not a bitch" -GayLubeOilI Met an OrbiterMen can fight back against the workplace #meetoo trend - withdraw ALL male attention at workFeminist lives as a man for 18 Months and makes some profound conclusions...You're gonna like the way you approach and open; I guarantee it.Article about 60 year old Mel Gibson dating a 25 year old woman. Comments are full of shaming language & Red Pill GOLD!A Family Man Experiences the Light-Switch, Loses Everything, Baffled that the Rules Don't ApplyBill Burr BRILLIANTLY Exposes Just How Little Women Do/Seem to Care for Men in Relationships Today [Brand New Joke]Some advice from my TRP grandpa on how to start a relationship out right.Getting Over HerYahoo sued over male discriminationAttractive 45 yo female posts that she thinks men are feminized, shit storm ensuesTrain Your WomanThe Problem With Nice GuysWanna be confident? Fail.Reason not to get Married #7,382: Millionaire tycoon's ex-wife awarded six figure payout even though he made his fortune a decade after they split [UK]A TRP professor is followed on FaceBook by special snowflakes to find something to be offended and get him fired. Does not go as planned as Professor sued school administrators earlier on free speech and won.Betrayed...[FR] how hanging with some beta friends showed me how far I've come on my TRP journeyWhat's killing your game? Dopamine abuse.All Men Are Like ThatThe Girlfriend ProblemMy prediction was correct, domain registrars are the new arm of censorship. gets ultimatum. Delete content or lose your domain.Women Want Desirability, not ExclusivityGood news everyone, I am NOT the Father.Indifference and Control: Why You Don't Wanna Be ChadThe Red Pill, You & MoralityContinue improving yourself but let go of the idea that the hot girls who passed you up are going to suffer.Dave Chappelle: Marriage is Nothing but an Awful Contract You Shouldn't SignFeminist Hamster: Leonardo DiCaprio will end up "miserable and alone"Comedian Michael Che Attacked for Suggesting That Maybe Getting Called Beautiful Isn't the Worst Act of Harassment - Handles it like a proThe EASIEST way to Cure Approach Anxiety: Cold Approach Pickup is ChessBecome the Best Version of YouFor newbies: If you feel the need to ask for sex, it's time to break up.Woman hides her $25k debt from her husband until after they're married. New hubby pays it all off and even adds her to his bank account.Remember: A Woman Will Have Sex With A Man She Doesn't Love, But She'll Never Love A Man She's Not Having Sex WithCucked husband (married to a single mother) gets cheated on. Don't be that guy.Habits and MomentumLearn the Art of knowing when to Shut the Fuck UpDon't Ever Talk To The PoliceRead how a mother "trains" her 6yr old son how to treat women. 1.000.000 FB Users liked it...When sexual assault data doesn't back feminist claims, data must be wrong. Aka "Sex assault reports on Canadian campuses too low, say experts"My Pre TRP relationship vs my Post TRP RelationshipI didn't realize how easy it was to get a girl to have sex with you if you just askWoman attacks man for flying drone. Cops arrive, woman claims man assaulted her. ALWAYS be ready to provide evidence. A mans guilt is ALWAYS assumed.If you don't sleep, you might as well not lift."I know I was wrong, but you don't have to be a dick about it."Forbes fires columnist who points out that girls who get too drunk are irresponsible and that false rape accusations are realThe 5 Emotions You Should Never Show a Woman"I want all the perks of maternity leave — without having any kids"In a rare moment of honesty, AskWomen admits they are disgusted/insulted by beta guys asking them out.Never be an "employee"You didn't win, Trump didOnce again, AskWomen accidentally confirms TRP. "When I see a tall guy, like over 6'3, my vagina automatically flexes and gets wet. I'm not even exaggerating."How To Develop The Mindset That Magnetically Attracts Women“I’ve been hurt in the past.”Women require attention from higher SMV men like humans require oxygen. Deprive them of this and they will go crazy.If a girl blasts me with a barrage of shit-tests, I know I'm getting laid. Also, being corny is good + FR[Field Report] How I went from 3 matches in a week to 22 matches and an f-close the same day of downloading Tinder. - The Importance of Lifting and Frame.When she's making it simple, don't make it difficult.2.5 million men 'have no close friends'; Lets Brainstorm How to Make Friends post-College‘All Men are Trash’Don't wait for the New Year[FR] She'll Cheat if the Time is Right, and You're NotHow much Dan Bilzerian understands.The 15 most common mistakes I see day in and day out on AskTRP after having posted there the last couple of years.Stop trying to be someone women need; Be someone they wantTo everyone here, sex is great, but PLEASE have standards. I hope none of these men were you.Understand Women, Don't Hate ThemInstagram = Hypergagram - No Country For Red MenRelationships lost the feels and magic for me after taking the RP. It's like Santa died and you see Christmas for what it really is.The most important implication of swallowing the pill: women are now the least important part of your lifeDon't Talk to Me Like a Bitch.Tumblerette fucks five guys to get her indie "game" done and gets #rekt by 4chan, namely, /pol/.The Personality TrapMost Guys Give Up Way Too Easy + FRCorporateLand: How to Handle Salary Negotiations.Emma Watson says, "Gender equality not only liberates women but also men from prescribed gender stereotypes" as she dates an alpha male jockWeekend FR - Fucking a Girl in a LTR, Hamster Overdrive (Screenshot)When hypergamy hamster collides with maternal instinct.Suicidal lonely guy is frustrated by women, reaches out for help. R/AskMen decides the REAL problem is that he's a shitlord misogynist!The difference 4 years makes.Aim for Progress, not PerfectionDo Not Open Up to Women About Your StruggleWoman decides that she wants to ride the cock carousel before she hits the wall and ask her BF for an open relationship. BF responds like a boss.The Book of JophilCynical ImplementationWealthy man hides past to find a good girl = Liar. Slut hides past to find beta provider= OK.What My Mother Blessed Me WithNeedy Texting Instantly Destroys Attraction (Image Example)My female housemate and her Sugar DaddiesCan't find a better man.You dont have to hate women, but you cant be a Pussy PolisherThe best example of frame holding in my life.Tupac Shakur at age 17, on being nice to women then grows up and understands the true nature of women.St. Jerome, 393 AD: Men Should Not Marry70% of men aged 20-34 aren't married. 50% never willNever sacrifice a thing. Make her sacrifice for you.6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better PersonThe Most Powerful Tool in Your Arsenal: The Ability to Walk AwayStop trying to prove to women that you're a "good guy"Anti-Male Media Continues War on Men: Milo Yiannopoulos Suspended From TwitterSome Men Just Aren’t Ready.You don't do things FOR women, you do things TO womenA Word For Those Back At CollegeThe UK Might Be Putting an End to Divorce Rape in Their NationStatistical Proof: 20% of Men Dominate 60% of the Sexual MarketI hate that TRP is the truth, but it is.Going a little "nice guy" AFTER you've slept with a girl is actually a great way to screen out crazy"The Red Piller's Guide to Women"Three Long Overdue Red Pill Reality ChecksHow to escalate and turn a conversation sexualDr. Jordan B. Peterson’s 10 Step Guide to Clearer Thinking Through Essay WritingHow To Be One Charming MotherfuckerMOD Notice- We remove your shit if you suck.Life or primitive Jane: the boys are huntingWoman accuses bar employee of raping her. Video shows them dancing and going to the bathroom together. Video also shows her smiling with friends after the 'attack'.The Covert Reason Women Hate Male SpacesNever date a woman who won't do sexual things with you that she did with her other partners.Establish frame by giving less fucksALWAYS RESIST your urge to defend men, it's a classic shit testList of 4 books you've never read that will mercilessly rip the little bitch right out of your soul50 Shades of Red - Wisdom for Men About WomenDon't even think about thinking about opening up to a woman35% of young adult men in America now live with their parentsNew "Fearless girl" statue staring down Wall Street's famous "Charging Bull" for International Woman's DayHow to Handle The Fake Break-up: A Masterclass On Shit TestsHolding Frame = TinglesTried being a wingman for BP friend, got thrown under the busWhy girls always complain they were used for sex when they get dumpedAssume women want your dick.The Legend of the SheriffHow redpill changed my lifeReal teenagers are great practice for 'virtual' teenagersEyes on the PrizeHad a date with a gorgeous, Redpill textbook, wall approaching ex party girl. Admits to a 50 partner count.TRP Lessons/observations from my best friends sisterGirl on OkCupid subreddit feels guilty because Nerdy Ned constantly showers her with affection/gifts while Cocky Chad barely responds to her texts - and guess who her vagina is tingling for.Embrace rejection. They're just women.A Comprehensive Guide to The Red PillJust fuck her.HumanSockPuppet’s Guide to Managing Your BitchesNice Guys are Fucking BoringBased on past history, it appears that a civilization that embraces feminist values will cease to exist in just a few centuries.Woman on AskMen isn't attracted to her loving/doting beta provider husband, and is planning to kick his ass to the curb. Happy Thanksgiving.How to get Laid Like a SociopathHaunted by your Past: Self-Sabotage and the Fear of SuccessFemale version of the male beta: a story.Walking away with frame.Boys Scouts of America will be allowing Girls to join in 2019Don’t be afraid to get up and WALK OUT ON A DATE five minutes in if she oversteps your boundaries in any wayThe Best Sex She EVER HadThe Metoo campaign is a blessing in disguise. It's revealing the women you want to avoid. Anyone parading what's supposed to be a personal subject online, is merely seeking attention. Avoiding them will help prevent false allegations from being made against you.Do NOT date or marry women with mental health issues [Repost]Law 38 explains why a lot of you here are actually struggling.I white-knighted and paid the price... Never be the white knight.Refresher: Don't talk to the PoliceI'm Rollo Tomassi, Ask Me Anything5 ways to improve your presence, with examples"...And Candy Cheats Again"Don't communicate; leave -- Communication is validation-seeking behaviorSex Positivity Does Nothing For Men.RedPill truths abound in an AskReddit thread on what turns women onThe proud feminists of AskWomen shamefully admit that they get horny for Dark Triad men.Feminists calling for a ban on sex bots. Also: the future of dating/sex/relationshipsGaylubeoil's Introduction to Psychological ManipulationMade this comment on an Aziz Ansari thread in 2X! You’ll never guess what happened next! Oh yeah the thread didn’t go their way so they ended up removing it instead of simply locking it.Californian Kathy Murray saved her marriage by giving up trying to control her husband. Despite considering herself a feminist, she follows the approach of a controversial book called The Surrendered Wife, which tells women to stop nagging their partners and start treating them with more respect.Sitting in a girls living room while she is denying she is with anyone to her boyfriendDon’t waste your time. When in doubt, force her to act or move onUSA Today: Feminist's political push to broaden the definition of rape has had unforeseen consequences...Women are now "rapists" too.Why people give you shit and how you should handle itFemale chief of asylum housing in Sweden rapes 2 refugee boys and the word "rape" is not used once in the article"The Shit Test Buster Game: Round 1"Cheating wife tells her lover (me) how loyal she REALLY is.The world is shrinking for men, build your frame or dieThe Light-Switch Effect - Why Women Re-Write the History of Relationships.Year in Review, 9 months of TRPThis is the future you chose male feminists - stay at home dad is cucked and terms it as enlightenment.#GiveYourMoneyToWomen hashtag on Twitter exposes feminism's final form: "Give me cash or I'll call you a misogynist"Red Pill cult hero Jordan Peterson describes the Feminism shit test to a teeWhy i stopped asking for cell numbers: My RP journeyAn Alpha poem from 1934Frame is EVERYTHINGThe unicorn fantasy that even TRP men have the hardest time letting go.The Actual Science of Sexual Attraction. (Spoiler Alert: Stop Being "Mr. Nice Guy")More egalitarian marriages (and relationships) are less successful, study finds. (What a shocker.) Woman's NY Times article that references it is LOADED with RP truths.Italian hedge fund manager: 'Never, ever marry an American woman'Lessons from My Father and RP ParentingGayLubeOil's Guide to Fixing the Jersey Shore BodyOn Physical AttractionDon't get married. It's a trap.[FR] Plate's friend got violent with her boyfriendHow Many Corpses Do You Need To See?I've slowly watched my divorced co-worker become red pill in front of my eyes.A Man's Guide to Conquering AcneThe day i took The Red Pill[Repost] Why women in relationships deliberately beta-fy their menGuy on r/tinder spits truth about the brutal reality of dating. Welcome to female hypergamy 101.Child PredatorsNew guys: TRP is like a salad bar - take what you want, and leave the rest.LiftWhat Traits Should You Look For In a Potential Girlfriend?Walk into the Bar even when you don't feel like itMariah Carey seeking $50 million inconvenience fee for splitting with billionaire fiancéInfatuation is not the only form of Oneitis."Poker with Black Widows"The Red Pill is the radical notion that women are people.This community is quarantined: It is dedicated to shocking or highly offensive content. For information on positive masculinity, please see the resources available at Stony Brook University's Center for the Study of Men and MasculinitiesMeeting the "nice girl" who turned out to be a total slutGuy is cuffed for insulting woman (video)Randomly Refuse Her Sex.The entire system sickens me, I'm ready to opt out.1 Hidden Cam Reveals How Women Judge Men! Women's Double Standards Exposed.My notes from Illimitable Men's website."Don't Talk to Women Like Men"Dear Female Imperative: No Means No!The basics explained, and our direction for 2014.The Only Time It’s Okay To Have OneitisHow to date correctlyYou guys suck at Tinder.Here's The Reason You're Not Seeing Any Progress In The GymUrbanism, Ruralism, and Dunbar's NumberThere is a documentary on Netflix called "Divorce Corp.", which exposes how costly and life-damaging divorce cases are in family court. It made me rage the entire way through. If you get married, 50% chance this will all happen to you. Don't get married.You are the buyer.What is The Red Pill and Why does it existWhy self-esteem is important and how to increase it.Divorce not related to financial strain but instead husband's employment status - BloombergMost of you are too fat to have High SMV"Act like you dont want it and they'll give it to you for free"Wife Launches Sex-Embargo after Husband Votes for TrumpHarsh Truth Time: Porn is Made for LosersWomen Have Dating/Sex Problems Too. They're Just Not YOUR Problems.Was "taught not to rape" in sociology class today (rant)Those Three Little WordsPornography Addiction and Erectile DysfunctionBasics of GameThe proud feminists of AskWomen accidentally validate RedPill truths by talking about how much they love alphas and hate betas. Oops!Bride gets caught kissing another guy at her hen party... dumb cuck forgives her, marriage still onThe Red Pill vs. the Black PillAskWomen on n-count and poor marriage: mods deleting comments that show correlationThe Red Pill HandbookAccidental Red Pill on /r/AskReddit, got x4 Gold.To those in student loan debt: Do Not Get Married... to those not in student loan debt: Do Not Get MarriedDon't give a woman the opportunity to weaponize sex. Demand acts of apology that show appreciation and effort as payment for her shit behaviour. Prostitution, blame on environment and spoken apologies are effortless and invalid.BREAKING NEWS: Watch "trickle truth" happening in real time on the Tinder subreddit!2 Years of RP: Lessons LearnedThe TRP Guide for Increasing Testosterone"You are sooooo not my type!!!Story I heard today from a girlProfs say female STEM grades don’t reflect ‘perceived effort’ - they propose that “science educators could redistribute grades more akin to non-STEM disciplines to increase STEM retention.”AskTRP told me to hard next my ex. I accepted her back and guess whatReddit is shutting itself down due to controversial firing'The Red Pill' Documentary banned from screening in Melbourne Theatre because of Feminist outcry.Mateguarding- Don't do it.Ancient Technology discovered which turned soyboys into ChadsCollege: Just Fucking TryNever Get Involved With A Girl Your Buddy Has Fucked.The T-Shirt TestI lost my marriage, my career, and my kid (Part 2)Everything you need to know about shit testsLena Dunham kissing, masturbating next to, and "experimenting" with the vagina of her little sister is not sexual abuse, but drunk sex is rape.She's going to get away with whatever she wants. Accept it. Stop caring.Instantly increase your valueFor all the young guys on here who feel like they are "missing out".Female comedian says she's NOT victim of male harassment; feminists harass herAWALT: Pizza Delivery EditionShe's already been railed by someone less attractive and less cool than youSenate passes Bill requiring women to register for the draftTo Implement Positive Habits that Last, You Must Develop a Life-Affirming Mentality. Also, Stop Being a Pussy.UC San Diego suspended for sexual assualt claim counter sues for lack of due process and WINS! Hope for college students everywhere!Woman cuckolds husband, becomes miserable when her husband begins fucking women regularly in responseFor the Girl Writes What fan boys, Karen Straughan lays down her opinion of TRPWe presently live in a social order that presumes any masculinity is “toxic” or “hyper” masculinity. | Divorce Incorporated | The Rational MaleIt's Time to Admit the Truth about Dating AppsHow to Train Your Brain to Wake Up Like a Coked Out MadmanThe ideal Red Pill lifestyle includes a long term relationship.Post asks women how their SO reacted to their 'high' sexual partner count. The responses are priceless.Let her feel smart. Use your intelligence to create better questions, not smarter statements.Said No Thanks to the Starfish last nightHow Science Says You Should Overcome Social AnxietyUgly feminist writes letter to her CEO whining about how she doesn't get paid a living wage for her entry level job, and deserves to be paid a living wage to "tweet funny things" for a living. Gets fired, and whines even more begging for handouts.College is a breeding ground for blue pill cucksThe Dear Mother of My Child"I'm pregnant and you are going to be a father" - a guide for young men.Man is upset to discover his wife is stripping nude on a beach while on vacation without him. Relationships subreddit calls him a shitlord, tells him to man up and accept her open sexuality. Yeah, this is what's become of male dignity.Relationship Mantras To Live ByAlways make sure you give her tingles, be alpha, and fuck her silly, or you'll end up like these guys.To repeat what someone else said here: Do not tell anyone around you about changing your life."10s"After being asked whether it's easier for girls to get laid, AskWomen responds "Ugh, it doesn't count as sex if he's an unattractive beta!"How you know you're AlphaArnold Schwarzenegger as a Role ModelDating girls does not equal happinessIn societies where women are not dependent on male labor to survive, women choose their mate based on immediate attractiveness alone, not his providing abilitiesAWALT....Woman tries to claim rape to avoid getting fired....gets charged for false claim when her Fitbit data is analyzedDon't blame women. Blame yourself.You ever notice how there is no male fat acceptance movement or short acceptance movement it is because women and society do not care about you.The Five Stages of Red Pill, and how to read r/TRP textposts.A story of a massive beta - just no!Israeli academics discover the post-wall women in the HR department, and find that they discriminate in favor of attractive men and discrimiate against attractive womenBulletproof Mentality: How to be untouchable #1The definitive roadmap guide on how to actually dress well.Why They Haven't Banned UsBeware Male Shit TestsDon't believe the Red Pill? Read any popular romance novel.It Shouldn't Be This Easy...Completely amazing stuff. Wife cheats on husband. But he made a clever prenup. She then says she was 'blackmailed' into cheating.Advice for the younger men entering the workforce.Madonna's Confession about Having Sex with a Fat ManLesson from my father: The 3 roles any married or LTR man, and his woman, should master.It was all a lie.Charm is probably the most powerful tool when it comes to women, and social interactions in general, more so than money and looks.Guy's wife stops putting effort into their marriage and threatens to bankrupt him if he divorces her. Guy unknowingly lays down dread game while secretly preparing for divorce. Wife is now doing everything she can to make him happy.The effects of monk mode for 2 months at age 38Hinge data: top 10% of men get 60% of all likes, bottom 50% get 4.3%The Rational Male, Positive MasculinityHow I went from the biggest loser in school to the most popular kid in school overnight, just like the movies and you can too.AMA - Milo Yiannopoulos - Thursday, Dec 10th, 5pm London time, (12pm EST) on TRP[full video] The Private Man's first and last red pill presentation @ The 21 Convention, now free on YouTubeFinancial Advice from a FinancierAlways hide your effortField Report. A Note to the recently unplugged.Get to average firstUVA Jackie lied about gang rape, terminal illness, and invented a dude, all to manipulate one guy into fucking herThe MORE you give, the LESS you getThe world's oldest profession is still alive and well...4 passive game rules that save time meeting women, with examplesfeminine and masculine.Going To An Event Where You Don’t Know Anyone [FR]You Never Stop CompetingRemember: Women Have Value, Men Have Agency, Both Have Power10 Unsung Red Pill QuotesRemember the guy who dumped his fiance because she would only hold his hand after being raped but fucked her co-worker? Well here's the update...Woman suggests to her husband that they get a sperm donor because he's members, this is fundamentalValue Your TimeFrom Professor and Clinical Psychologist Jordan B. Peterson on Beta Males and the Dominance HierarchyWe built voice modulation to mask gender in technical interviews. Here’s what happened.Anger isn't a phase.What Men Want: “Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos”Analysis of story: “My girlfriend got beaten up and raped. I broke up with her right after she told me. This is what happened:”Female privilege is alive and well"Well some other guy just took my [18 M] g/f (now ex I guess) [17 f] virginity." Bonus: Other guy has already moved on to banging a new chick in less than a week.Masculine Needs Form a Hierarchy. Design Your Life Accordingly.If you treat women like men they will think you are sexist.[FR] She wants monogamy and a boyfriend when her pussy isn't getting her what she wantsSex is not that good"You have “the right to retroactively withdraw consent” from any encounters you had, at any point in the past, that no longer feel good or safe to you." (when feminists go full retard)My God... It's Full Of... Kittens.Women pledging commitment to you is like getting paid in monopoly money. It doesn't really count.Chad Thundercock succeeds at online dating.Women don't just give "alpha" guys their best sex. They give them their best emotional intimacy, too.Instant GratificationThe world is scared of men congregating. Red Pill state of affairs 2016Crash course in how to sellIn the wake of the U.C. Berkeley riots, let us remember something important: only focus on yourself.Guy on OKCupid subreddit needs emotional support, displays vulnerability in front of his girlfriend. Guess what happens next.After 21 years, I puked up the blue pill yestedayFeminist rails against columnist simply for stating women are responsible for their own actionsRule #6aYou are the Deal or No Deal BankerThings You Should NEVER Say To A Woman (Red Pill Edition)I've been banned from another sub I never posted to for being a "supporter" of a "hate group" -- redpill -- "thought police" mods are thriving on RedditShe doesn't love you.The source of your power stems from the ability to walk away"I could do it if I wanted to" means jack shit until you do.Example: Stop trying to be agree-able and shitMan loses job and breaks down crying when he tells his wife. She is surprised to discover that she feels disgusted by him.California Ballot Initiative to Outlaw ALL Alimony - This guy is going for the jugular.The stop-being-boring shortcut. Go to India.Fat and stupid are close kin.If you want easy pussy do not display any provider traits.Conquering the voices in your brain and achieving whatever you want in your life.5 Tips To Improve Your Sex GameWoman refuses to date guy during college because he's 'not her type'. Messages him years later when she finds out he has a great job. Gets told she's not a gold digger.From TIL: A 15 year old boy was locked up for a year on false rape charges, and the girl received no punishment when she admitted lying a year later.Think men are the unfaithful sex? A study shows WOMEN are the biggest cheats - they're just better at lying (read: hamstering) about itFR: The power of frame control.If "No One Is On Your Side," You Are Definitely Doing It Wrong[Field Report] Sickened by how little marriage counts and how much physique countsA Message to Men's Rights from Red Pill"The RP Comprehensive Guide to Dating Sites"NPR episode over the Radio today calling out theredpill.Man dates TEN attractive women, gets caught, shrugs it off, and plates 10 new womenWhy we are anti-feministThe Secret of Making People Like YouWomen will break the rules for men who turn them on and create rules for men they don't respect.Guy allows his 4-year long girlfriend to post to GW. Pretty obvious what happens next."Why Would That Matter? I'm The Girl"American Psychological Association confirms AF/BB and a host of other RP truths'We Need to Talk' and other ways of controlling the flow of information for power.Skeptical About TRP Theory? Try it on Your Ex-GF. (Step-by-Step Guide to be her Chad)How to TheRedPill with your ADHDWomen reaching the age of 25~30 suddenly become TradconFollowing Trump's "lewd remarks" he drops in poll of male voters, but INCREASES with female voters.Red Flags: How to Judge your potential LTRMale porn stars should be paid the same as female porn starsGame Cheat Sheet [/r/trpgame repost]On finally fucking a girl after 18 years of celibacyDon't bother with her if you already lost frame. Not worth the time or effort.Take a Break From the PillNever confront her -- Betas don't get to set boundariesWomen now writing guides to gold-digging. Open hypergamy is here.[Mod] Make the community worth a fuck by not acting like a cunt.Ireland: 16 year old boy gets statutory rape charge for having sex with a girl the game age as him.Before and After: Examples Illustrate Two Years of TRP Transformation.Always maintain the appearance of being busy--even if you aren'tOn Freedom of SpeechRevised.... Ex wife reaching out, AWALTAn Old-School TRP MottoRedpill Caught on Tape, one of the best example of Redpill Principles from a HBO Documentary(FR) Stop talking about yourselfHow To Be "Alpha" In The Male Social HierarchyHow to Make it Through HellHate is the new loveConfident Vs CockyWomen should no longer be sent to prison unless they have committed a serious crime says Justice SecretaryIf You Don't Feel Like Going to the Gym Today then Just Think of John.“It’s like he has nothing else to do.”Attraction and Desire – What I learned from taking estrogen and living as a girlIM's Machiavellian MaximsGirlfriend is raped; Bf offers space...and gets cheated onHusband found Red Pill before Honeymoon when his hours old wife moaned her ex's nameLet GoThe "Other" GuyNever compare your sex life with a girl's sex lifeFeminists blame sexism in chess for gender differences in performanceFR: Getting Subway at the mall leads to plate (your posture is fucking important, nonverbal cues, communication, frame, direct game, etc.) and a HUGE red pill momentMore TRP observations/lessons from my best friends sister.I will never be Chad. And that's ok.You wont know when she cheats (2 years later)Beta is PISSED at me for "stealing" the girl he's been "working on" for monthsOn the Myth of a Western Rape Culture.When female teachers have sex with students, it's not really their fault.Embrace the Unspeakable Horror of The Real!Millennials are 48% more likely to have sex before a first dateIt's not your fathers fault you suck300,000 Subscribers. The Reddit Administration Tacitly Endorses Male Abuse and Denies its VictimsThe founding post